Without a doubt, story telling is my single favorite hobby. I love the imaginative aspect that comes with dreaming up a story from start to finish. I’ve written many short stories throughout my life, all with the goal of bringing a picture of brighter days to the reader. Willow Trees in Warfare was the first full novel I wrote. It took me three months to write the over 100,000 word book. I hope I can continue to pursue this passion of story telling in the years to come.
•    Clayton M Jennings


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Willow Trees in Warfare

-291 pages
I will die tomorrow. I am barely over twenty years of age, and yet when the sun rises tomorrow, I will take my final steps towards eternity’s abyss. I am not an old man dying in my bed, nor am I a screaming soldier about to be killed as I run into battle. Instead, I am me, a simple kid from the Midwest who has lived through things that many will never experience in a lifetime of existence.
I’m writing this right now as a weary traveler ready for the sleep of paradise. I have made my peace, and I have readied myself for that long trip home. If you have read this, I plead with you to pay no attention to me, instead look at yourself. Hug your kids, hold your loved ones, take a look around and soak it in, because the unexpected is just around the corner.


Twenty Tales

-284 pages
What if you were visited by an angel?
What if that angel told you twenty tales that would inevitably change your life?
There are angels all around us, watching as our lives unfold one story at a time.

Jesus 'Til I Die (ebook)


For the first time ever, the full text from Clayton Jennings' viral video phenomenon "Jesus 'Til I Die" has been combined with almost 100 stunning photographs - many never before published - from Clayton's revivals to create a book that will draw you closer to heart of Christ, deeper into His Word, and then further out into the world to proclaim the Good News of Jesus.

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